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2020 Supra Full Review of 2020 Toyota Supra


Let's just go ahead and address this early: From a hardware standpoint, the Toyota Supra is basically a BMW Z4. It shares the same engine, chassis and suspension, plus countless other bits. It's even assembled right alongside the Z4 at Magna Steyr in Austria.

So, yes, the 2020 Toyota Supra has more than a little BMW in it. But if you want to talk DNA, from a genetic standpoint I'm virtually indistinguishable from a mouse. In execution, however, I look rather different -- though I do confess a sincere affinity for cheese.

Similarly, a car's personality comes as much from its tune as it does from its hardware, and Toyota has gone to great lengths to differentiate the Supra from its Bavarian counterpart. During basically the entire development project for the car, for years, Toyota and BMW engineers didn't share notes. To this day the Supra's main development driver hasn't turned a wheel in the new Z4.

The goal was to create a car with a German body and a Japanese soul, though that spirit will be hard to feel when you'll need to grip a BMW-style shifter to back out of every parking space. A distinctly iDrive-style knob sits to the right while the sound coming from the engine carries the same sort of digital augmentation that has lately crept into BMW interiors.

I understand how looking past all that can be difficult, but trust me when I say it's worthwhile. 

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